ещё 1 подарочек 1 more giftling

КАРТИНКА НИЖЕ!                                    PICTURE BELOW!     see my art at https://artistirena.com And this was primarily without color, only a contour, a sketch. 1 doctor from Kiev gave me advice online, just like that. He was pleased to communicate withContinue reading “ещё 1 подарочек 1 more giftling”

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“крылья” “wings”

LEAVE IT AS IT IS . . . SOMETIMES, YOU NEED TO LEAVE IT AS IT IS . . . IN LIFE. At the first moment, the thought: “Now it’s clear why I (almost) did not use this pencil (I don’t like the color). That’s the way it is in life: I have to try/doContinue reading ““крылья” “wings””

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