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Not pretty experiment. Некрасивый эксперимент.

Not prettiness, or rather to allow oneself to take risks, to allow oneself not prettiness requires courage. Of course, one may ask: why allow yourself to take risks and permit not prettiness? The answer is not clear. On the other hand, not prettiness can happen on its own. Therefore, perhaps, conscious training can be very useful at least in order to learn how to endure it, accept it and further with confidence in yourself and in your abilities, more and more consciously and calmly / serenely allow not prettiness when necessary, and choose the beauty of an act NOT from feelings of discomfort, but from a position of strength. And if about experiments with colors (and shapes) and their combinations, then allowing myself attempts leading to not prettiness, I increase my experimental knowledge, sometimes I experience surprises (some are pleasant) and learn more and more what is beautiful. The surprise here ⬆️ that when dried, these combinations are no longer so ugly. Sometimes even quite gentle.
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