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Yet another meditation-in-action “inside the “self”, know-thyself so to say. Очередная медитация-в-действии “внутри “себя”, познай-себя, так сказать.


Actually, I thought (a couple of times) during the “color exercise” about “doubt”. A topic that I was intensively studying yesterday and formulating in questions for my next cafe philo. .. And it bothered me, and NOW it bothers me that this “apparatus” was intruding into my WISH to dive into meditation with colours! What does “meditation” mean? That is, being in a THOUGHTLESS state while applying color to a sheet, enjoying the color (and this is a PLEASURE! = through the vision of the emerging color to sense the undetecable SENSUALITY of its impact inside “me”!!! And ONLY this. And the words that appear
(“thoughts” supposedly) interrupted this “pure” (? … think later) JOY.
True, there were MOMENTS of PURE joy! It was possible (or by ITSELF happened) TO BE ONLY with colours and SENSE. For example, when when, almost in spite of, or gradually? .. contrary to? .., I first chose the left color for the lower part as “we’ll see what happens.” And then AT ALL, for the right one ALL THE MORE CONTRARY to the feeling of “harmony”, perky, dabbling, decided to take the emerald color AND !!! When I started to EM-BODY (“body”!) it on paper – through the vision/eyes I experienced inside as much a SPLASH of joy! Even a chuckle escaped! HOORAY!!!

Morning meditation. Unexpected joyfulness (know thyself)

You can contemplate on that & let yourself write here a stream-of-consciousness assosiative thoughts coming while contemplating on that.

This way you will be surprised by a fragment of your own inner being (or “self” 😇).

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