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Morning meditation. Unexpected joyfulness (know thyself)

You can contemplate on that & let yourself write here a stream-of-consciousness assosiative thoughts coming while contemplating on that. This way you will be surprised by a fragment of your own inner being (or “self” 😇).

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тайна жизни: всё – чудеса the secret of life: all is miracles

ЕСЛИ вы удивлялись, куда я пропала – я ЗАНОВО строю сайт с моими произведениями мультимедиального искусства. ЭТО МНОГО РАБОТЫ! 😱 Буду рада вам там! IF you were wondering where I was gone – I’m building ANEW the website with my works of multimedia art. IT’S A LOT OF WORK! 😱 You are e welcome toContinue reading “тайна жизни: всё – чудеса the secret of life: all is miracles”

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“contemporaneity современность”

конечное last THAT is so interesting with watercolour pencils  –> now it is even pretty  🦠 😁

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