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Morning meditation. Unexpected joyfulness (know thyself)

You can contemplate on that & let yourself write here a stream-of-consciousness assosiative thoughts coming while contemplating on that. This way you will be surprised by a fragment of your own inner being (or “self” 😇).

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is there any “SELF”?… есть ли какое-то “Я”?..     the art-therapeutical task was to make a collage (my) LIFE WITH AMAZEMENT. I am very impatient, collages demand a lot of time & patience. Never wanted to do them. Yet decided to expose myself to this task, to experiment with my own (in-?)ability to fulfilContinue reading “LIFE WITH AMAZEMENT ЖИЗНЬ С ИЗУМЛЕНИЕМ collage коллаж”

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unshapely picture and discoveries in inner microcosm

бесформенная картинка и открытия во внутреннем микрокосмосе “acceptance” vs acknowledgement.?. “принятие” vs. признание (факта/наличия) bad weather (verbally =”non-weather” in russian !“не-погода”(текст на русском смотри ПОД английскими текстами) the middle part surrounded by violet is grey with a touch of greenish under a particular lighting – this one was changing outside & through the big winowContinue reading “unshapely picture and discoveries in inner microcosm”

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