тайна жизни: всё – чудеса the secret of life: all is miracles

ЕСЛИ вы удивлялись, куда я пропала – я ЗАНОВО строю сайт с моими произведениями мультимедиального искусства. ЭТО МНОГО РАБОТЫ! 😱 Буду рада вам там! IF you were wondering where I was gone – I’m building ANEW the website with my works of multimedia art. IT’S A LOT OF WORK! 😱 You are e welcome to visit! see ENGLISH TRANSLATION AT THE very END 🤓 →↓

В этот раз я впервые сделала наоборот: СПЕРВА писала, исходя из сейчасного своего состояния, ПОТОМ использовала карандаш. Нуууууу….. Вышло своеобразно – в смысле получившегося текста.

This time, for the first time, I did the opposite: first I wrote based on my current state, THEN I used a pencil. Weeeeeell….. It turned out in a peculiar way – in the sense of the resulting text

Gray light – dark gloomy day permeates with joyless hopelessness. There is no meaning and no love. It doesn’t mean passion or emotion. But life-creating… power?.. energy?.. substance?.. I turn on the light. I turn on the “Sounds of Yoga” music. And light displaces – yellowish light – drives-back the overwhelming grayness. And hope shows up, some “meaning”, instead of a complete sealed and enclosed in itself isolation immediately fills my inside / in the body with the presence of belonging, connection, non – vacuum. Even when there is no this music! Wonder of Light! Who needs miracles – just think a little about every “little thing” that we “take for granted”! Immeasurably grateful inside the chest is a cloud of awe ((WITHOUT a hint of fear – but only a surprised-admiring) Immeasurable gratitude to you, Humans, who created for us a miracle of (yellowish) light And a joyful awe with astonished eyes before YOU = the SECRET of LIFE, from which EVERYTHING penetrates into the mind of such single Humans !

bathrobe, isn’t it amusing 😋 халат – разве не забавно

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