хвоя pine needles


deep breaths, flow is not going. There in the depths of the forest someone and something is waiting for me. I There is expecting me – ! I ! – there I will meet with myself I will enter into myself I=she will enter into me dissolve in me spread in me there in the depths of the mysterious joyous fairy forest walked I & walked and coniferous greenery
глубокий вдох, не идёт течение. Там в глубине леса кто-то и что-то ожидает меня. Там ожидаю меня – ! Я ! – там я встречусь с собой войду в себя Я=она войдёт в меня растворится во мне распространится во мне там в глубине таинственного радостного сказочного леса шла я шла и хвойная зелень
became more and more intense and mysterious. My heart was beginning to flutter. And it (“I”) entered into my chest, into my heart. And it crumbled, dissolved into a glittering with sparkles ball of air and airy laughing particles. 😁 And filled, continues to fill me, flowing airily and joyfully into my shoulders, and spreading joyous air into my hands. I want and ask you to flow into my thighs and lower back ! Please 🌞 ❣️ And fill and change = heal all of ME !!!

Published by consciousnessandart

contemplating artist

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